How Travel API work in Travel Portal Development

Travel APIs authorized the interaction between the data, applications, and devices. It is similar to a control panel interacting with software components without having to deal with the code itself.

How Does Travel API Work?

It works (Travel APIs) on basic logic, they regain online travel data (Flights, Hotel, Car, and Bus) inventory from a single server and make it available to third-party resources. Travel API integration is completely a technical task that requires working on the codes. Once you reach your expectations with a Travel Portal Developer, they will suggest to you Travel API Integration according to your business requirements.

Now the question is why should you use Travel API Integration for your Travel Portal Development?

The API integration provides flawless travel portal development, it helps the businesses to run easily and benefit the customers by connecting to the server. In this modern world, the internet plays a very crucial role in our life we must utilize it in a good path. Through these Travel portals, the customers can also check out the details of the websites along with images and descriptions and also the amenities. 

With Travel API Integration in a travel portal, users can also compare rates with other hotels, flights, and other online services. In the Travel Industry SRDV provides real-time bookings and inventory. Travel Agencies can integrate Hotel Booking, Flight Booking API, Bus API, and Car Booking API.

SRDV provides you with a cost-effective way to build and manage your own customized travel booking websites. You can easily choose any of the supplier's inventories easily by doing active or inactive supplies.

How Travel API Integration is benefited in Your Travel Industry:

SRDV's Travel Portal API enables to access their rich content and travel deals like Hotel API, Car API, Bus API, Flight API, and Tour API for travel agencies, Tour Operators, and Travel Companies.
SRDV Hotel API provides comprehensive descriptions including room types, images, and facilities (inclusion and exclusion), over 7,00,000 hotels worldwide. As one of the trusted API providers worldwide, we have experienced all types of API Integration in travel portal development. All our services are tested and integrated, tested, and maintained by a professional and experienced team.

Why did you choose SRDV for API Integration?

At SRDV, we developed the most Robust Travel API Integration Solution to grow your Online Travel Business and revenue. SRDV is the leading Travel API Provider globally, Delivering the best Travel API integration and travel portal development solution for businesses in the travel industry. SRDV Travel API allows customers to book flight tickets, book hotel rooms; this plays a vital role in the development of technology-enabled Travel Websites development nowadays. Integration of Flight APIs allows travel portals to offer all services in a single place. 

SRDV integrates with the GDS Flight API integration, allowing travel agents and travel portal websites to book flights online. We have also offered a White Label Travel Portal for small new Travel agencies to enhance their business and developed a customized Travel Portal that is integrated with GDS features that are very useful for Travel Agencies. Besides, we are partnered with top GDS-providing businesses like Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, TBO, and many more. Our focus is on continuous upgrading of our API integration to remain ahead of the competitors. SRDV Technologies provides a smooth platform where bookings can be easily done at a low cost to build Travel website development. 

Advantages of Travel Portal API:
  • Reduce Travel agencies operating costs on a lengthy run

  • You can include markups or discounts for your agents

  • Provide extremely dynamic information 

  • The least maintenance of content will allow you to concentrate on your advertising and making various packages.

  • It’s you who will get the payment without any obstacles from customers.

Features of our Travel Portal API:
  • Instant Transaction and secure 

  • Direct margin benefits.

  • User-directly dashboard we offer integrated API for flights, hotels ETC.

  • The high margin for both B2B & B2C

  •  Real-Time Booking and cancellation

  •  Real-time fares and availability fetching

  •  Fare summary or fare rules

  •  Fast Response

  •  GDS and LCCs Data

  •  Vast Inventory

  •  Reliable and Robust

  •  JSON and restful API

  •  Easy to Integrate

  •  Expert support for Integration

  •  Documents to understand the API flow

  •  Built-in Analytics

  •  Notification through email & SMS after Booking

  •  Flexibility and Scalability

  •  Add Mark-up and Discount Facility

Revolutionizing Online Travel Portal API:

  • Multiple sales channels- B2B2B, B2B, B2C, B2B2C, Support team, Front Desk 

  • Low Cost Of Ownership 

  • Online Booking Engines like- Flight, Hotel, Car, Bus, Recharge, Holiday 

  • GDS, XML & Travel API Integration 

  • Complete booking management system 

Benefits of Travel API Integration:

  • Improved customer loyalty

  • Increased innovation

  • Monetization of APIs for increased revenue

  • Greater market share

  • Increased sales

  • Increased agility and adaptability

A Travel Portal development is not complete unless it has the integration of Travel APIs. Online service booking on your own website made it very easy and flexible. SRDV Technologies provides a platform where travel bookings can be easily done in a cost-effective way to build Travel Booking Mobile applications and Websites. Travel portal development is incomplete without API integration. Travel APIs integration allows your services to talk to each other providing both your customers and developers with a good experience.

Travel API Management Gateways:

  • Securely expose your existing APIs.
  • Centralize your API authentication and authorization.
  • monitor security from a single location and Shut down problematic traffic.

Travel API Design and Implementation:

  • Give users the features that they want.
  • Achieve high performance and scalability.
  • Track how people are using your APIs.
  • Expose APIs while keeping your data secure.

Travel API Providers:

Flight APIs Provider:

  • Amadeus

  • Galileo

  • Sabre

  • Go Air

  • Indigo

  • Spice Jet

  • Abacus GDS

  • TBO Holiday

  • Arzoo

  • Travel Boutique Online

Hotel APIs Provider:

  • Viator

  • Travelport GDS

  • TBO Holiday

  • Rooms XML

  • Hilton

  • Desiya


  • Amadeus GDS

  • Abacus GD

Bus/Car APIs Provider:

  • Clear Car Rental

  • Redbus. in

  • Avis


  • Hertz

  • eTravelSmart

  • Amadeus

  • Travelport

  • Abhi Bus

  • Ticket Goose

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