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SRDV Technologies provides custom software development for desktop, web and mobile applications using .NET frameworks and associated technologies, tools and class libraries including ASP.NET and .NET Core device .Net works faster than any other framework; It gives good response timing and saves computer power. It gives the productivity faster and high quality services. And the security and speed are way better and faster than any other popular framework.

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.Net Programming Services We Provide

  • Custom unified web development using ASP.NET features and services including ASP.NET web Forms, MVC 4, MVC 5, Server Controls, Caching, data binding state management configuration HTTP handles and ASP.NET security.
  • We code in C#, Visual Basic and provide a congruent Object Oriented Programming Environment.
  • We develop ASP.NET root directories and directory structures.
  • We program custom ASP.NET applications including Pages, Files, Modules, Handlers, and Executable Code, Plus Global.asax Files
  • Database Architecture and Management using SQL Server and OLE DB
  • We program using SQL Server Reporting services(SSRS) and Report Definition language client-side(RDLC) Technologies.
  • We program using .NET Entity Framework (EF) for domain-specific objects and relational data.
  • We program web application security using authentication / authorization protocols including code access and role-based user access security.
  • We migrate pages and programmes from ASP to ASP.NET

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