What are the Major Features of White Label Travel Website Development?

The arrival of Internet has changed almost every aspect of human life including travel industry. Nowadays, every Travel Agent is depended on Internet facilities to enhance their business. So, White Label Travel Portal is the best option for all the Travel related industries, especially for the small Travel Agencies, Tour Operators or Travel Companies. The White Label Travel Website is providing the efficient solution or the Fastest Solution for fulfilling the Customers’ requirements. We as Travel Portal Development Company provides Flight, Hotel, Bus, Car or Holiday Package booking services for White Label Travel Website.  The White Label Travel Portal Development can be ultimate addition that will attract the more and more customers on your Travel Website. We recognize all the core of Travel Industries and deliver the required solutions for our customers that enhance the business of all the small or large travel agencies.

The White Label Travel Portal is a fully integrated and Ready-Made System, which helps new customers to open their new online travel businesses. It consists of ‘n’ number of suppliers for all the services as 7,00,000+ Hotels, 1200+ Airlines, 5000+Bus Operators and Car Operators. If customers want to start their Online Travel Portal business with a little budget, then the White Label Travel Portal is the best way to start. This is so because it is budget-friendly. The customers can start their business with B2C White Label Travel Portal and B2B White Label Travel Portal Solution. With B2C White Label Travel Portal Solution, customers can customize the Homepage according to their requirements. They can add the Brand Name or Brand Logo, offer, notification bar etc. Our White Label Travel Portal offers advance Filter functionalities at result page from where any customer or agent can filter their need and according to the filter, the results will arrive.

 SRDV Technologies can make live White Label Travel Portal Website for you in 2-3 Working Days. We provide the White Label Travel Portals at cheaper price compare to the market. You can increase the number of Sales with the help of our White Label Travel Portal. We provide the appealing and User- Friendly website, on which more and more customers will come and will increase the traffic on your website. All the Travel related services are managing from one place that is customer can book the services from one single platform. The Flight service is integrated with the leading LCC and GDS Systems like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Mystifly etc. Our White Label Travel Portals Solution are an Ideal Solutions of Software for those Travel Agencies which do not want to invest the lots of money or time in building the B2C Travel Portal, B2B Travel Portal or B2B2B Travel Portal. They only have a presence in the Online or Internet Market.

In today’s era, establishing a new brand is essential for the people growth or success for one’s customer. This helps in building the trust of your customers. SRDV Technologies can customize the Travel portals that matches our customer’s needs, budgets and your expectations. We bring all the services which are related to travel and tourism that helps the customers to do Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking, Car booking or Holiday Package from a single platform. Our aim is to continue providing our customers with integrated Travel Portal Solutions that will simplify their business processes within the shortest timeframe.


B2C WHITE LABEL TRAVEL PORTAL: In this type of Online Travel Portal, customer can book the Online Tickets by visiting directly on the portal. The customers can book the Flight, Hotel, Bus and Car and can generate the Tickets. The customers can check the Online Bookings and Booking’s Payments Status from anywhere by doing Customer Login Dashboard. The customers can send the Cancellation Request and it directly hits to the API. Users can Print the Tickets. After the Bookings, the customers will receive the Booking Confirmations on Email and SMS.

B2B WHITE LABEL TRAVEL PORTAL: In this Travel Portal Development, Admin can create B2B Partner IDs for their Agents. Agents can use B2B portal only after sign up or registration with Agency. The Agents have the access for handling the system and can-do Flight Booking, Bus Booking, Hotel Booking and Car Booking from a single platform for their customers. In the same panel agents can track the Credit / Debit amounts from the Transaction Logs. The agents can change their Brand Name after changing of their Brand Logo over the tickets. Agents can add the Markup on the Fares with the Domestic / International / Airline Wise or All Airline wises. After successful bookings, they can add the Transaction Fees on the Total Fare in the Ticket, with this they can earn additional profit from the customers.

B2B2B WHITE LABEL TRAVEL PORTAL: In this travel portal, Admin can create distributor IDs from their dashboard and provide facility add sub agents under every Distributor. In this, Distributors can add agents, delete the agents and can view the Agents List. They can give the Top-Up on the Agent’s wallet or Deduct the amount from their wallet. They can view the Transaction log of their agents. Distributor can also make booking for their customers. They can send the Deposit Request to the Admin and then admin will do the Top-Up and the same amount will receive by the Distributor. They can print the Flight Ticket, can also easily send the cancellation request and the same will hit to the API. They can add the Markup on the Fares by Domestic / International / All Airline / Airline wise to earn the profit.


  • Provides Multiple Sales channels: B2C, B2B and B2B2B.
  • Provides B2C Travel booking platform for Login Customers and Guests.
  • Admin Managements Facilities.
  • Provides Live Chat option with Visitors.
  • User Dashboard, Agent Dashboard and Distributor Dashboard facilities.
  • Do not required the direct connections with GDS or LCCs.
  • Customer can choose any Payment Gateway for Integration.
  • Distributors can manage their Agents individually.
  • Can monitor Deposit Request List individually by the Agents and Distributors.
  • Provides both Online and Offline booking platforms.
  • Provides Cancellation Management in which customer, Agents or Distributors can send the Cancellation request and hit the Operator server directly.
  • Dynamic Holiday Package Management / CMS.
  • Provides the Multi Supplier Live Inventories for Flight, Hotel, Bus and Car.
  • Agents or Distributors can check their Wallet Balance from the Dashboards.
  • Provides a platform from where Convenience fees can be add for the B2C Customers.
  • Mobile Friendly Interface.
  • Connections with the Hundreds of Accommodations.
  • Real-time booking & cancellations.
  • Selection of Domain & Payment Gateway Name.
  • Notifications of Booking Confirmation on Email.