Series Fare Portal Development

What is Series Fare?

In today’s world, there are multiple ways to deal with airlines, directly FIT and one of those ways is called Fixed Departures / Series Fare.

Series fare is a Reservation Model commonly used in the travel industry, particularly in the airline and hotel sectors. Under this Booking Model, airline offers a discounted rate to the Travel Agents or tour operator for a specific time period or on a specific route. Airlines sell their future departure tickets to travel agents at a current rate. Travel agents can then sell these Series Fares after a few days with a significant profit margin. They can sell these tickets at a higher price and earning maximum profit.

The Agent then sells the tickets to their customers at a mark-up, by making a profit. The advantage of series fares is that they allow travel agents and tour operators to offer discounted rates to their customers, while still making a profit on the sale.

There are multiple pros of series fares in the travel industry:

  • Increased customer loyalty: Increased customer loyalty in the travel industry refers to the situation where customers show a strong attachment and preference for a particular travel company, brand, or service provider. Series fares allow travel agents to offer discounted rates to their customers, which can help them to build customer loyalty and increase repeat business. Customer loyalty in travel industry is very important to the companies who want to increase their customers in the travel industry. It means that customers consistently choose the same travel company for their travel needs and are more likely to remain loyal to that brand over time.
  • Increased market share: Increased market share in the travel industry refers to a situation where a particular travel company or brand captures a larger portion of the total market compared to its competitors. Increased market share is important in the travel industry as it signifies the company's ability to attract and retain customers, grow its business, and potentially gain more influence in the market. By offering competitive prices, travel agents can attract customers away from their competitors and increase their market share. It shows company’s strength and success in attracting customers and generating business within its industry.
  • Maximum Profit Margin: In the travel industry, achieving a maximum profit margin can be challenging due to various factors such as intense competition, price fluctuations, seasonality, and external events (e.g., pandemics, natural disasters) that can impact travel demand. But travel agents can take advantages from Series Fare Website Development. Airlines sell their future departure tickets to travel agents at a current rate. Travel agents can then sell these Series Fares after a few days with a significant profit margin. They can sell these tickets at a higher price, giving them maximum profit.
  • Easy to Sell: Series Fares are easy to sell compared to other online tickets. These types of tickets can easily sell on an online platform due to the lower prices compared to online airline prices or Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). This allows travel agents to provide their customers with affordable tickets and increase their sales.

Driving Growth and Collaboration with Flight Extranet System or Series Fare Software: 

SRDV Technologies provides a platform where a customer can book Air ticket offline by using Flight extranet software. Flight Extranet Software in the travel industry is a specialized tool or platform that facilitates the management and distribution of flight-related information and services among various stakeholders (individuals, groups, or organizations that have a direct or indirect interest in the success, operations, and outcomes of travel-related businesses, destinations, or services) within the travel ecosystem. It acts as a central hub where airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, and other travel service providers can access flight-related data, inventory, and booking capabilities.

Features of Flight Extranet System: 

  • Real Time Booking
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Booking Details Through SMS and EMAIL
  • Easy Management of Fares and PNRs
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Customisation And Editing Facility
  • Live Tracking
  • 24/7 support
  • Feature to manage daily service accounts
  • Social Media Integration

Ultimately, Flight Extranet Software or Series Fare Software elevates the overall travel experience for customers, delivering convenience, transparency, and competitive pricing. By encouraging collaboration, improving operational efficiency i.e. optimizing their processes, resources, and activities to achieve the best possible results with minimal wastage of time, effort, and resources and expanding market reach, this technology contributes significantly to the growth and success of the travel industry as a whole.


In today's fast-paced world, travellers rely heavily on online platforms to plan their trips, compare prices, and make bookings conveniently. With the development of Strategic travel portals, the agents can maximize the profit with Series fare website development.

Series Fare (a pre-purchased ticket provided by airlines to travel agencies) is an excellent way for travel agents to make a profit while providing affordable tickets to their customers. With the advantages of maximum profit margins, minimum ticket prices, and easy selling, it’s no wonder why many travel agencies are using Series Fare software.