About the SRDV Technologies

A technology service provider of the new world.

The SRDV Adventure Starts Now

We have wide experience of working with clients across industries and across the globe.
We have delivered client satisfaction. Repeat requests from existing clients evidence that.

Started in 2013, SRDV Technologies Private Limited is a part of the SRDV Group. The Company is based in the bustling metropolis of Delhi (India). SRDV TECHNOLOGIES have a wide experience of working with clients across industries globally. We have delivered client’s satisfaction, solution to their problems.

We are delivering white label, Mobile Apps, B2B / B2C Travel Software, Travel CRM, Real Estate Portal, Health / Medical Apps, Food Ordering Apps, Payment Gateway Integration, Car/ Bus Rental Software, Hotel Extranet, Holiday Packages and more.

At SRDV, we go beyond the surface to delve into what you actually need, where you lack and guide you right through the process of ideation and creation. We help you visualize and finally achieve a seamless transition from IDEA to PRODUCT.

About Our Team

We have a team of dynamic and talented individuals who will solve your every need. Professional developers who understand your work ethic will hold your hand through your growth journey.

Continuous offsite support till you are comfortable with the product is a norm