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In this modern time whereby taking the help of Travel CRM, the Travel Industry is on the peak of the businesses which contributes to the boost for the economy of the world’s GDP. It is also stated in the report that the Travel and Tourism industry generated a huge percentage of all worldwide economic activity. In the Travel and Tourism Business, there are various modules like the B2C Booking System, B2B Booking System that you have to manage. Travel technology makes it easy by providing Travel CRM or Travel Portal Software. Now you can manage your B2B as well B2C Online travel Portal by using SRDV’s Travel CRM.

Travel CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management, is a software that helps travel companies including travel agents, Tour Operators, destination management companies (DMC) etc. to encourage strong customer relationships and improve sales and revenue by having quality communications with anticipations and customers.

SRDV's Travel CRM provides complete travel agency management software under one roof consisting of B2B, B2C, Agent, Customer, Finance, Staff, Sales, Reports, Marketing management etc. Travel CRM or Online Travel Agency Software not only manages current running tasks but also provides a real-time update for upcoming events. SRDV's Cloud-Based System increases its accessibility.

Booking Management

Admin can view and check the status of all the Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Tour Packages query, Bus and Car Booking made through their Travel Website or Application.

User Management

Admin can control all the users like Agent and Customer of their B2B and B2C Online Travel Portal and can make them active or inactive according to their need. Admin can do all the necessary updates.

Bulk Email Management

For any update Admin can send bulk emails to all their B2B Agents and B2C customers at a time, which makes it more reliable and easy to update their clients.

Task Reminders

In this payment collection reminders are set about the collection of the pending payments and be notified at that particular time. This Feature also useful for issuing tickets before release date those are on HOLD.

Vouchers Management

Admin can also generate separate vouchers for the Travel Booking offers and circulates between the selected or to all the Agents and Customers as per their choice. Admin can easily set or modify coupon amount, coupon use limit, date of expiry etc.

Site Management

Admin can manage the whole view of their Online Travel Portal's (Website and Application) home page theme, content pages of footer, contact-us, about-us, banner change, news flash and slider images etc. Admin can also add meta title, meta keywords to enhance google ranking.

Payment Gateway Management

Admin can manage all of their Payment Gateways which are used to accept online payments and can make them active or inactive and can also set the convenience fees for the particular Gateway towards the payments made on his website.

Blog Management

Admin or the assigned marketing staff can add and manage the Travel blogs for their online travel website which are displayed on their portal, which attracts customers interest for getting information related to Travel Industry.

Tour Package Management

Admin can add tour packages with complete details package Itineraries, tour overview, related images, cancellation policy, payment plan, sightseeing / transfer / accommodation details etc. which are listed on their Travel Website.

Page Management

Admin manages the content or information pages on their website like contact us, about us, addresses, general information, COVID – 19 Guideline and footer related management on their website. This also helps Marketing or SEO Team to add content pages on Online Travel Portal.

Query/Lead Management

All the queries related to booking, support, fresh enquiry etc. can be managed easily by Query Management System. Admin can assign query to related department or staff and can easily track every query status. This helps to increase B2C customer satisfaction by quick resolution of their problem.


Reviews and Ratings are the most important part of any online business. In this feature when a customer adds a review or rate your online travel website then it can be managed by the Admin to maintain their reliability in Travel Business. Admin can run offers, refer and earn, play and win, cashback etc. to increase customer base.

Marketing Management

If a user has interest to get the regular updates on offers etc. then he/she can subscribe by filling required details. Travel CRM helps you by sending bulk E-mails or SMSs to all your subscribers you can increase your sales. You can also send promotional offers to your subscribers from here.

Sales / Performance Management

Travel CRM also help to manage all your bookings service wise, agent wise, month wise etc. It also draws a graph for monthly sale done from B2B and B2C Module. You can also check the output on Tour Package Queries which are helpful for you to track staff performance and Incentive calculation.

Finance Management

In Finance Management Admin can see live status of their every expense which they have done on their travel portal and this helps you to analyse that your travel business is on what way so you can manage the expenses according and give your travel agency a boost. It also shows graph between expense and revenues by this you can get exact figures of your business track. Accordingly you can change or push your existing business strategy.

In simple terms, you can manage all your travel related modules from anywhere at any time using SRDV's cloud-based travel CRM. A travel CRM is essential for those who want to enter and excel in the travel industry. So, according to these points, Travel CRM is more useful for online travel agencies for its good business and services. It gives more value for money features that can help a travel agency to boost their online travel agency. Subsequently, a Travel CRM is well implemented/necessary to handle growing of your travel business. Relationship marketing needs to be more and more personalized today, so we want to present the right product, at the right price, through the right agent, to create the best value for the traveller.

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