How you can start your B2B Travel Agency

SRDV is one of the best travel portal development companies, which provides travel software across the globe. We provide travel portal solutions and white-label B2B to travel companies globally.

First, we must understand the travel industry's market strategy in order to provide you with the best B2B white label travel portal solution to simplify your travel business process and increase your business profitability. After Covid-19, many travel agents are unwilling to invest in the travel sector; rather they should have required a well-designed website and a strong online presence to stand strong.

B2B White Label Travel Portal Solution for Travel Agencies has enabled the company to expand in the worldwide market and raise brand awareness. It is easily integrated into the online travel portal or website.                                 

SRDV is one of the best travel portal development companies, which provides travel software across the globe. We provide travel portal solutions and white-label B2B to travel companies globally.

Through this software, you can make bookings, reservations, bill payments, and manage all your bookings the same as a custom travel portal. A White Label Travel Portal is best for newcomers in the travel & tourism market.

Modules provided by SRDV:

  • B2C Module
  • B2B Module
  • B2B2B Module
  • Corporate Module

Services Which We Provide:

  • Flight Booking System
  • Hotel Booking System
  • Bus Booking System
  • Car Booking System
  • Tour Package System
  • Recharge and Utility bill payments
  • Sightseeing System
  • Visa CMS System

Benefits of B2B White Label Travel Portal Solution for Travel Agencies:

  • No Technical Expertise is required to start & Easy implementation
  • Your travel website on your choice
  • Get business assistance from trained experts in the travel industry
  • Completely branded and mobile responsive website
  • Your website & booking system can be optimized for search engines
  • Receive highest commissions
  • Uninterrupted booking facility
  • It Converts leads into bookings and turns into good business profits.
  • Robust tracking and reporting
  • Online e-ticketing
  • Build your Brand Name


SRDV Develops B2B WHITE LABEL TRAVEL PORTAL for several travel agents & companies, SRDV is also an expert in integrating or you can say developing with leading GDS SYSTEM like- SABRE, GALILEO, AMADEUS, AND THIRD-PARTY API'S. Travel Solution for Hotel Booking, Flight Booking, Car Booking, Holiday Booking, Bus Booking, and other services.

Benefits of working with US:

  • Real-time inventory 
  • Multi-languages and currencies in the booking system
  • comprehensive booking management
  • Affiliates network, sales, analytics tools, & enhanced reservation flow
  • Back office module
  • Market-certified or proven end to end safely data storage on clouds
  • The most affordable online reservation system
  • Cost & Time Benefits
  • Strong Customer Buying
  • Quick Customer Support team

Features of B2B White Label Travel Portal Solution for Travel Agencies:

  • B2B - Agents and Distributors
  • Live Inventory of Flights, Hotels, and buses with Choice Payment Gateway
  • Go online in only a week!
  • B2B module to add and manage agent/subagents
  • Manage Admin Panel and check bookings
  • Offline and Online booking module
  • Admin Management, Agent Management
  • Deposit Management System
  • Commission Management System
  • Dashboard Management
  • Booking and Cancellation system
  • Balance Log for all data/inventories
  • Assigning the desired mark-up
  • Order Management to view Sales report
  • Reports by filtering
  • Inquiries/Feedback
  • Increase or Decrease your mark-ups according to business needs
  • Tour CMS to upload own packages
  • Mark-up and Convenience Fee Management
Features provided by SRDV Technologies for Travel Agencies:
  • Fare Calendar
  • Multiple Supplier Inventory
  • Offline Flight Inventory Management
  • Custom Home Page Design
  • Blog management
  • Website Management
  • SEO Friendly                         
  • Google Analytics
  • MIS Reports for Administrator and Agents
  • Page Management
  • SSL Secure website
  • An E-Ticket (Email or SMS)
  • Pre-Integrated GDS & APIs.
  • Responsive design
  • Social media login Integration
  • Customer dashboard
  • Convenience Fee Management
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Customer Feedback

The B2B white-label travel portal is integrated with all new technologies for those who start their own travel business. Customers can book domestic & international tours or holidays from any device at any time. Our user-friendly and responsive online B2B White Label Travel Portal enhances your customer BOOKING SYSTEM.

B2B White label Travel Portal is one of the most effective tools provided by the travel portal solution, integrating our white label travel portal technology on your website gives permission to fully service the online agency. Our B2B white label travel portal solution is the market's most REVENUE GENERATING white label travel portal.

SRDV white label is straightforward to use. With our integrated B2B White Label Travel Portal, the website responds instantly.

Importance of B2B White Label Travel Portal for Your Travel Business?
  • Customize the Portal the Way You Want
  • Pre-optimized & pre-integrated Benefits
  • 24x7 technical team support with our most experienced team
  • Save time & cost with B2B White Label travel portal
  • Final Thoughts

Let us discover the new travel industry with SRDV Technologies:

SRDV TECHNOLOGIES is a one-stop station for white-label travel portal solutions for all Travel agencies, Tour operators, and Consolidators. Our B2B White Label Travel Service is a limited edition that will attract a large number of customers to your websites. SRDV B2B white label travel portal can improve travel business with their travel agencies.

We understand the essence of the travel business and deliver customized solutions that change the strategy of the business process from small to large travel agencies, and tour operators. If any travel agents want to start their own travel portal, SRDV provides an ideal platform to start a business with B2B WHITE LABEL TRAVEL PORTAL.

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