What is Travel API Integration ?

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By integrating Travel API in your Online Travel Portal, you can grow your Travel Business globally and make a Brand.

But first of all, we have to understand what API stands for:


How do we integrate Travel APIs  into the Travel Website?
Initially you need to decide on few things first before you finalize the architecture of your travel agency, build your own OTA from the seller.
if got time, money and technical experience you can go and access all the different Hotels, Flights, cars, buses, and other activities providers directly and build your travel agency by integrating your website with them. Build your online travel agencies by attaching aggregators Travel APIs. The difference here is that they aggregate all the data from different providers, aggregators provide you access to more than one platform and show you main results and this would enable you to get more and more inventories at competitive rates.

Check Below 8 Easy Steps to Integrate Travel APIs:

Choose a supplier that's best for you and your travel company in terms of available rates, products, availability, response and booking flow.

Once you choose a supplier for Travel APIs, provide them your business details, sign the commercial contract and pay a deposit to get started.

After signing the contract with the supplier for API access, supplier will share the Travel API documentation for Travel API Integration along with the test API access and test feeds.

The Technology vendor will study the API Integration document and check if they need to build a new adapter for it or integrate the API using the existing adapter.

Travel APIs has a huge impact on your success, the way you design and build your Online Travel Portal Development. The knowledge needed to integrate an API with scalability and security in your Travel Portal. Once Travel API Integration is done your Travel Technology Partner can proceed for certification.

Once the certification is done, your Tech Team can ask supplier to share the live API credentials to access live feeds that will be integrated into the booking engine. From here any user can make the bookings.

Once the live API Integration is complete, your clients will start seeing inventory fare and availability and will be able to search and book the same as per their requirements.

For maintenance and routine upgrades you can sign a service contract with your Technology Provider. Your technologies vendor will continue providing services such as connector maintenance, Version upgrades and metadata updates.

Here is some major API integration system you should know about it:

Initially, we must know how GDS works in the travel industry?

GDS stands for Global Distribution System, it is said to be the brain of the Travel Industry by providing Travel Technology Solutions. Travel companies such as airlines, hotels, cars, buses and travel agencies are a digitalized network system that provides main information. Each of these sectors uses GDS to add, view and manage the main inventory of services in the travel industry as per requirements.
There are several data providers from airlines, hotels, and another distribution system. There are four major GDS Suppliers Worldspan, Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo.

With more than 11,000 people in 195 countries with a worldwide team, Amadeus is operated, from managing process to check-in check-out, from pricing to ticketing, from the initial search to manage bookings. These are the technology provided by Amadeus which keeps the travel sector moving, and we provide Amadeus API Integration  where you can manage your traffic without any difficulties.

Sabre is a platform where your travel marketplace can gain global access to more than 400 airlines, 750,000 hotel properties and 36 car brands, to provide your customers. SRDV provides Sabre API Integration  to its clients.

Galileo make its roots strong when united airlines construct its Digitalized central reservation system. In the era of the computer reservation system market, Galileo API Integration provides Major GDS Airlines and Indigo (Indian LCC Operator) to gain the travel market. Galileo API Integration  provides easy and smooth booking system to its users. Travel agencies, Traveller and Corporate clients and some leading airlines in the world have been powering the Online Travel Business for more than a decade. We help them to create innovatively and win.

How API Transforms Travel Businesses?

Our Travel APIs are used by travel agencies to access the travel deals online. It is set for integrated travel services or delivering specialized web services.

Major Travel API Services provided by SRDV:


It's time to shift from offline to online flights tickets booking in this modern era. Nowadays this plays a vital role in the development of different airlines bookings. As a trusted API provider of hotels, our services are tested, maintained and integrated by a team of experienced and professionals. With innovative distribution and booking solutions, if you own a car rental company then SRDV is the right choice for it. In Global Travel Platform our distribution capabilities help you to connect with very good companies.

Benefits of SRDV Travel API Integration Solution:

  • Easy and Advance to use
  • Multi Supplier Inventory
  • Inbuilt Discounts and Mark-up Management
  • Marketing tools to boost your online sale
  • Easy setup and Training for the beginners
  • Fast Response
  • Tested and Reliable Booking System

During a Travel Portal Development  for your travel business, Travel API Integration  in the travel portal is essential for your online travel agency in terms of providing live bookings and availability fetch.  Before starting to develop Online Travel Agency, you need to consider and understand the overall cost of your Travel Portal Development with Travel Portal API Integration.

Business Module:

Travel API Integration for Online Travel Agency model promotes travel business growth and stability. Generally, there are two types of modules one is B2B Travel Portal Development and other is B2C Travel Portal Development. The B2B model is a travel agent module that links travel partners to your online travel agency’s where you can a make a big travel agents network.
The B2C Travel Portal Development model target direct customers or travellers to make the booking from Online Travel Portal. In B2C, customer make online payment through integrated Payment Gateway.

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