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Travel Technology has made travelling much more simpler/easier in comparison to earlier life. Everything that you are looking for is on the tip of your fingers and a just click away from you. So travel agencies should consider these circumstances and upgrade their Offline Travel Management Company to Online Travel Management Company. Travel technology is the part of IT industry, which delivers travel related software to various travel agencies, and companies through technology enabled Travel Portals by making Hotel Booking System, Flight Booking System, Car Booking System and Bus Booking System etc. Travel technology includes every travel need and various other things which are easy to use for both the Travel Agency and the Travellers. There are many software or online solutions for Travel and Tourism Industry like Online B2C Booking System, B2B Booking System, Travel White Label Solution, Travel API Integration, Tours Package website or Inventory Management System etc. which makes your Online Travel Portal More easier to use and manage. Online Travel agencies prefers Travel Software as it makes managing their services easily. These solutions cover front office and back office activities. Agencies use this type of software to promote their offerings to current and prospective travellers. Travel agency software spans across the full customer engagement cycle, from bookings, to billing, to customer feedback and review. Travel Technology software offers multiple aspects of travel needs for travellers including flights, hotels, or bus/car.


SRDV provides a web-based Travel Technology Software that helps travel agencies maximize their online bookings while reducing their administrative costs. You can sell your travel products via multiple channels (B2C Travel Portal, B2B Travel Portal and B2B2B Travel Portal) and efficiently manage your operations through our advanced travel management module.

It is completely game changing software in Travel Industry for making your business growth, it is truly scalable and can also easily be operated and easy to maintain your travel business. A unique aspect of our solution is that we also offer Travel APIs that allow travel agencies to get live data from various suppliers. Our technology team has 11+ years of experience in travel technology by building their own front ends for web and mobile of customers choice.

You can choose the development option according to your choice and need

The features of a travel software which helps to grow your travel business more and more

  • Reduced Operational Cost: In Online Travel Agencies comparison to offline travel agencies require less staff due to its automated technology enabled AI in Travel Portals which makes work more simpler and easier while reducing the cost.
  • Real Time Availability and Inventory Management: Due to the online processing of your orders it helps you to maintain the clear records of each and everything whichever you want. A large online inventory helps you to get out of that lot of paperwork and your every record is just a click away.
  • Cloud Based 24*7 Availability: Online availability of your Travel Portal makes it functionable at 24*7. Your Online Travel Portal is always active.

  • Customer Reviews And Ratings: In this feature users of your Travel’s services, can give review and rating for your provided services. Which makes you updated towards your mistakes and help you to overcome those inaccuracies.
  • Multiple Payment Modes: There are Multiple payment Modes like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and wallets, etc. According to the comfort, your Travel Portal’s consumer can use their choice of payment mode. This reduces market credit amount.
  • Brand Promotion: Brand promotion for any firm is always a challenging task, firms invest a big stack on the Advertisements, hoarding, and many more. But, if you have an Online Travel Portal for your business with some great features so it can help you to promote your brand and help you to grow your business too.
  • Increase Business efficiency: Online Travel Portals are more reliable in comparison to an offline travel agency because of its services and availability which makes it committed to its genuineness.
  • Profitability: Travel Technology makes your offline Travel Portal more profitable by enhancing its services and less staff requirement and No more hoardings.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management system helps in tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, and Bookings. It also used in many industries to create a work order, bill of bookings, and other customer-related documents.
  • Gallery: We live in a visual world where images are the most better way to inspire and communicate. These make a strong statement and will have a strong impact on your website. Also, people make more interaction on social networking sites that have plenty and incredible images.
  • Predictive Search: Predictive search is nothing but a drop-down list that pops up immediately while you’re typing so that you don’t have to hit ‘search’ to find out common results. This is an excellent way to avoid displaying a large list of results, finding results quickly.
  • Multiple Language And Currency: Multiple languages and currency on your online portal makes it more reliable for every visitor or traveller.

At the starting of a rapid pace, you’ll learn many more things about a product, evaluating its ability to work, figuring out how to get it productive and be successful, building an online store, marketing and dealing with new customers. If you decide to start an Online Travel Business then you have at a right place as SRDV Team has 11+ years of great experience in Travel Technology. Travel technology Portal benefits your business in every aspect.

SRDV Technologies is one of the leading Travel Technology provider which provides best Travel Technology Solutions with wide range of services at Reasonable Cost. Our team’s experience in Travel Technology and IT, allows us to build quality software which can meet all Travel Technology Solution needs. We provide all types of Travel Portal Development for Tour & Travel Industries, DMCs, TMCs which includes B2B Booking Portal, B2C Booking Portal, API Integration, White Label Solution, Mobile App Development. Our team of experienced professionals provides you the best possible solutions.

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