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"A magical and revolutionary portal at an unbelievable price"

APIs authorize the interaction between the data, applications and devices. It delivers data between devices and programs. It helps the business to run easily and benefit the customers by connecting to server. In this modern world, the internet has become a fundamental piece of our life. This faith in cell phones expands accomplished application improvement.

Application Program Interface or API for travel entrance constructs travel guides, courses, and other fundamental things that can enable the traveller to recognize a specific spot. On certain events, it may be utilized to find excursion spots, finding accommodation, guide, celebrated milestones, verifiable visiting spots, lodgings, and eateries. Along these lines, travellers can discover just by tapping their gadgets. The programming interface is a remarkable method of pulling up spreads in a short timeframe. In the Travel Industry to provide real-time bookings and inventory fetching Travel Agencies can integrate Airline or Flight Booking API, Hotel Booking API, Bus API, Car Booking API etc.

A Travel Web Portal is not complete unless it has the integration of Travel APIs Flight API, Hotel API, Bus API, Car API etc. Online Flight booking on our own website made it very easy and flexible with Flight API Integration in your Flight Booking Website.

The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Travel Technology Check out our options and features included.

SRDV Technologies provides a platform where travel bookings can be easily done in a cost-effective way to build Travel Booking Mobile Application and Websites. Travel booking websites are incomplete without APIs Integration.

White Label Travel Website is a cost-effective way to build Online Travel Booking Applications for Flight, Hotel, Bus bookings etc. In our White Label Travel Portal, we have integrated our APIs to provide real time booking facility. In our backend we have integrated Major GDS, LCCs or 3rd operator’s API to provide vast global inventory. We provide Travel APIs integration for B2C Booking System, B2B Booking System, B2E Booking System etc. We also have white label solutions for major Travel API suppliers.

SRDV provides you with a cost-effective way to build and manage your own customized Travel Booking Website or Applications. We also have solution to integrate multiple APIs for a single service in single portal this is called API merging. You can easily choose any of suppliers inventory easily by doing active or inactive supplier. Rather than connecting with every operator It is easy to implement and integrate with existing systems or APIs. Your long-term vision for your technology investment linked to the customizable integration of the best APIs into your system means that you can now invest with confidence in new software and development.


How does API Integration help to improve the growth of your business?

  • API Integration can be ready-made or customized totally depends upon Travel Agency requirements and Budget. If Travel Agency has a small budget to start an online booking system on their brand name then they can go with a white label solution.
  • It provides more flexibility to make changes in your portal. Additional features also to be given to the consumers according to their choices.
  • High Profitability and Global reach helps to increase the revenue of your Travel Agency.
  • Fast and Error free online booking facility helps to gain good feedback and reviews.
  • Personalised service attracts the user as the portal becomes very user friendly.
  • Live Tracking, Social Media Integration helps in marketing of your business.
  • Customization and Editing Facility boost your business in every aspect.
  • Online payment through Payment Gateways API Integration.
  • Not waiting for confirmation.
  • 24/7 technical support gives your business more flexibilities.
  • Less running and maintenance cost compare to offline system.
  • SMS and E-Mail API Integration for Booking related notifications.
  • Global supplier API integration provide vast inventory to your users.
  • Fully automation from supplier to user makes your business less complex.
  • Instant Booking Confirmation makes your portal more reliable and flexible for users.
  • Easy Management helps you in doing stress free business and run your business with joy.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway makes portal more flexible by giving multiple payment modes.
  • This also helps in your brand promotion. By providing the best inventory at a reasonable price to your customer you can build customer faith and high satisfaction.

An Online Travel Portal is not good unless it has the integration of Flight Booking APIs. The Flight Booking System is a base where the flight tickets reservation is available for passengers who want to process the booking through the web/app. Our Flight API also allows Travel Agents to have their own B2B Booking System. We have served several clients and have developed the best portals using our flight API. Our Flight Booking API is available for B2B as well as for B2C portal.

Hotel Bookings can be easily done with an efficient way to build a Hotel Booking Websites. By Integrating Hotel API with the web Portal, you can browse a large number of Hotel offers, book Room, cancel Room, generate reports for booking and cancellation, etc. very easily and efficiently.

Hotel APIs provides comprehensive descriptions including room types, images, and facilities, of over 7,00,000+ properties worldwide. As one of the trusted API providers globally, we are specialized in Hotel API Integration. All our services are integrated, tested and maintained by an experienced team of professionals.

SRDV TECHNOLOGIES provides Bus/Car APIs for the easy bus/car bookings. This portal will also offer bus & car rentals advance bookings to those travellers who plan their trip to visit ‘n’ number of destinations.

Each rental Bus/CAR APIs has a great rate and provides a variety of pick-up and drop-off options. Our Bus/Car APIs provide a powerful booking platform, enabling travellers to book for rental cars and buses to complete reservations online from anywhere.

SRDV Bus/Car APIs allows the customers to book vehicles through Travel Portal Solution where a customer can search and look for the bookings made in dashboard which gives complete control where all the details are displayed.

Features of API Integration

  • Real-Time Booking and cancellation
  • Real time fares and availability fetching
  • Fare summary or fare rules
  • Fast Response
  • GDS and LCCs Data
  • Documents to understand the API flow
  • Built-in Analytics
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Add Mark-up and Discount Facility
  • Expert support for Integration
  • Vast Inventory
  • Reliable and Robust
  • JSON and restful API
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Notification through email & SMS alerts for Booking

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