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In an Increasingly COVID 19 (2nd wave) situation, highly competitive and ever-changing business environment, SRDV has been introducing innovative and flexible business solutions based on the technology of the future. We offer services that are ahead of their time and thus, unmatched in the technology arena. Our business is geared around the success of our customers. We develop appropriate business in the travel industry to empower and optimize travel business processes and procedures. We aim to provide travel technology solutions capable of delivering real and outstanding business benefits. "SRDV believes that our goals can only be achieved if our customers reach to their goal"

SRDV is the leading best travel technology solution platform provider designed to give the best travel technology solution. In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving market our travel technology solution is user friendly and manage the sales process and agency networks while corporate travel management solutions allow business travelers to book arrangements from their desktop or laptop. From travel technology solution business can be done successfully through global network airlines. SRDV’s Travel Technologies Solution enhance the value of the business process for travel service providers and users both and deliver a competitive advantage to them(clients). SRDV travel technology solution range from a single connection to the most sophisticated travel platform available in this COVID 19 situation in the world. We support travel business customers with the innovative and effective idea in travel technology solution providing customized online booking portals, best quality services and many more we have taken a step forward in understanding the heartbeat of the travel industry and providing simplified solutions for all types of customers, travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies. Our years of experience as a leading technology provider have led us to build a strong presence and are recognized as one of the industry’s most successful brands. Moreover, we strive to have a proper understanding of your business so that we can offer valuable and relevant services that can help you generate increased revenues while saving on costs.

Travel Technology Solution means using technology for trip planning and automates travel process - Bookings, Inventory, Payments, Itineraries and back-office operations for travel agencies and tour operators to enable online bookings for customers and increase bookings and revenues. Travel Technology Solution plays an important role in travel and tourism industry. It is changing the way travel companies target travelers, offering all travel services - Hotels, Flights, Holidays, Bus and Car activities in an online platform to plan their entire trip within minutes and improve the visitor experience. In the Competitive Travel Industry, travel agents, travel agencies, tour operators, hotel operators and travel companies need to keep up with the latest trends in a Travel Technology Solution to maintain their business in top position in the travel industry.


OUR WORK: We specialize in developing resourceful travel software and websites well within your budget. Also, offer flexible marketing tools for tour and travel companies. Our strength lies in the multilingual systems, creating online travel portals and being the travel API Integration experts, we deliver something beyond just a utility. Our travel booking and reservation technology software is updated with the transformation of the Travel Technology Solution market. SRDV is dedicated to provide exceptional service and maintaining long-term customer satisfaction - building enduring relationships is at the centre of who we are. We embrace each client's vision for their business, then design and deliver the smartest, highest quality solutions to make that vision real. The services we offer include - travel portal design, travel portal development, GDS / API integration of travel services like Flight/Hotel/Car booking engines, travel management software, travel software development, ready-to-use White label Travel Portal Solution.

OUR VISION: We endeavor to give away packaged innovative ideas from picking the best hotel and flight booking software to integrating Galileo,, Expedia, Amadeus or 3rd party consolidator API provider of your choice, we shall become your best online Travel Technology Partners. Our vision statement is a replication of the client's vision, we see through the eyes of our clients to make sure we give away the best-expected projects.


BOOKING & RESERVATION SYSTEM: Using Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Amadeus or Galileo or 3rd party vendors to source real-time data from multiple suppliers, we create powerful and customer-focused booking engines for your online travel agency and put you in line with the leading service providers. Travel Technology Solution enhance your booking system by providing your customers with individual suggestions based on their preferences. We provide deep personalization options by learning from user data & embedding multiple payments gateways.

CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FOR AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM: SRDV provides proper operation review of software and resource management systems to document, refactor and eventually rebuild software architecture. We match existing legacy solutions with modern standards of performance, scalability, integration, and mobile-oriented use. SRDV is an international Travel Technology Solution company and we have 1100+ completed projects we have a dedicated support team we have 98% worldwide client support and we have a technically strong system we are delivering white label solution, Mobile apps, B2C/B2B Travel Software, Travel CRM, Payment Gateway Integration.

DIGITAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: SRDV team helps to solve and analyze customer-related problems in travelling websites and other developed parts of the website. By gaining this information you’ll be able to redefine your marketing strategy and personalize your valuable website for your client's. We make your website friendly to travelers from all over the world and streamline customer handling. We build A1 websites to cover up to 98% of customer requests, enable automated localization, integrate smart assistants in hotels & flights, and design mobile applications as well to support to let your customers comfortably travel with you.

SRDV develops a domain-based technology solution for the travel industry to boost operational performance. Our development team has a relentless focus on creating a scalable and effective technology solution design that can be a driving force for aspiring travel companies. we have provided robust travel portals/ online booking engines to larger travel companies to small and medium enterprises, our key Travel Technology Solution include B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2E Booking Engines

New Ways to Progress with us: Advance Mid Office, Attractive & Responsive Websites, Flexible Layouts, Quick Support.