How Travel Technology Is Revolutionising the Travel & Tourism Industry?

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Welcome to our firm, in this COVID market “We are always faster and stable”

We offer Travel Technology Solution to develop B2B, B2C, B2E modules to build robust online booking engines for our clients across the globe. We have invested a lot in R&D to implement advanced Travel Portal Development with the help of Travel Technologies to bring speed, improvising the performance, 100% uptime & return on investment.

SRDV Technologies is specialized in Travel Portal Design, Development and integration of various GDS, LCC, XML and rest APIs. SRDV Technologies is a global Travel Technology Solution brand owned by SRDV Limited, a technology company with over 13 years of software delivery experience. We have helped Tourism companies worldwide achieve a significant online presence by providing state-of-the-art, mobile-enabled platforms with their branding, diverse content and access to global inventory.

SRDV is promoted and managed by highly skilled and experienced technocrats & designers. The Founder and Managing Director is a technology strategist, agile manager and entrepreneurial innovator skilled at managing international relationships, with 13 years of IT outsourcing industry experience. SRDV comprehensive suite of Travel Technology Solutions is powering more than 650+ projects with 99% client satisfaction.

Benefits of Hiring us (SRDV):

Industry Depth Knowledge
With our 13+ years of combined experience as professionals with deep airline, travel, E-commerce and domain knowledge, we offer clients the right Travel Technology Solutions to meet their needs. SRDV’s experienced team provides Best in class Travel Technology Solution  to their clients.

Integrated Solutions
SRDV aggregates and curates direct and non-direct travel content regardless if you are a travel supplier or distributor. Our solution interfaces with legacy and next-gen architectures. 

Scalability and Delivery
Our platform leverages modern interfaces and cloud infrastructure to ensure to regardless of volume it be highly available and disaster recoverable.

Flexible Pricing Models
We offer multiple products as per price level. Pricing options can be provided allowing you to select capacity and support levels based on your business needs.

How to succeed in the online travel business?

The robust booking engine platform
One must have the Best Travel Technology Solution Partner to set up a robust online booking platform. Find out a company with great infrastructure, a unique product team in the core, an implementation team for customer interface and must have a quick to go market approach.

Don't sell deals, sell expertise
Many agents advertise deals on their booking platforms and then promote them. In today’s competitive era everyone have good deals to sell so you should try to improve your services at the best level.

Plan your segment well
In general, the global market has two traveller types. 
1. Those with more money than time and 
2. Those with more time than money.
Target both segments but travellers with more money than time value purchasing an agency's expertise and ability to handle and manage all aspects of the trip.

Engage and sell through social media
Now a days, the social presence of your Travel Business is very important. Customer review helps other customers to use your services. Engage them with insights and tips. A Facebook page is best used when it's less about selling and more about engaging. Over more than a decade, SRDV has provided various clients in the online travel business with leading-edge Travel Portal Solution , travel mobile applications and responsive online booking websites for travel.

Travel Technology Solutions we offer for all your business needs:


  • Travel Reservation Software
  • Travel Portal Development
  • B2B Travel Software
  • B2C Travel Software
  • B2E Travel Software
  • Native Mobile Application

Design & Marketing

  • UI Design for Travel Portals
  • B2B Travel Interface Design
  • B2C Travel Interface Design
  • Mobile Travel App Design
  • Brand Design Solutions for Travel Portals
  • Google Analytics Integration for Travel Portals
  • SEO/SMO Integration for Travel Portals

To find out how we can implement these Travel Technology Solutions and enrich your business, get in touch with us here. 
By putting the customer first and delivering excellence through our Travel Technology Solutions, we want to reach, inspire and engage businesses of all sizes, around the world. Understanding the customer’s need and providing the best suitable solution is the essence of every step we take with SRDV. Our travel-related products and services are developed by keeping customer’s feedback at the top. We are using our expertise in technology and people centricity to become the Most Preferred Travel Technology Software Solutions Provider in our domain.

Our Values:

Deliver on Promise
We always complete and deliver the project as per our promise.
“Reliability, Commitment, Trust”
The commitments we make at the time of finalizing the deal are very important for us. We do our best to grave our all promises. We design and develop your Travel Portal that will fulfil your requirements. By doing this we make a strong business relation with our clients.

Empower through Technology
With the help of Travel Technology, we always try to provide best in class Travel Portal Solutions to our users. Innovation in Travel Technology thinks the old traditional way of working and provide solutions to overcome all the problems. We always try to find the solution to our customers’ requirements. Empowering through Travel Technology is our way of improving the business of our customers.

Embrace Openness
We welcome honest interactions, provide equal opportunities and display complete transparency at the time of the signup process.
"Equal Opportunity, Honesty, Transparency"
We provide our best quality service and support to all our users. All our clients are equally important to us, and we do not differentiate on any grounds. All our deals are transparent and frank without any hidden conditions.

People First
By considering our customers and technology partner’s feedback we make decisions. The relationships we share are most important to us. We make decisions that are for the good of our customers and add value to their business. Our Team have the freedom to discuss their plantings and to explore their ideas.

Be the Best
We believe in work that’s why we work to deliver our commitment. We are persistent about improving ourselves. We are driven by a singular thought; how can we make it better? Being the best means maintaining consistent quality in all our endeavours, making progressive strides and substantial increments.

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