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Significance of Online Travel Portal Development:

The significance of Online Travel Portal Development has been steadily increasing in recent times. Travel Agencies are providing a convenient way for travelers to travel from one place to another at affordable prices. On the travel portal, the customers can compare the Prices of their Stay and book them over the internet easily. Online Travel Agencies help customers to book Flights, Hotels, Bus, Car, and Holidays at affordable prices on a real-time basis.

If you are planning for Online Travel Portal Development for your Travel Agency then SRDV is here to help you to find the best Travel Portal Solution:

SRDV Technologies is a Travel Portal Development Company that serves Readymade or White Label and Customised Travel Portal Developments for Online Travel Agency. As per Travel Agency requirements, there are different types of Travel Portal Development modules like B2C Travel Portal Development, B2B Travel Portal Development, B2B2B Travel Portal Development, and B2E Travel Portal. To manage and control an Online Travel Agency there is a need for a complete Travel CRM along with Travel Portal Development.

What WE serve:

We serve the Travel Portal Development service all over the world. We develop online travel agency software for our clients to provide the best solutions of the travel portals for Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking, Car Booking, and Holiday Package booking services. SRDV Technologies offers an effective travel software campaign management to handle and manage the process of Online Travel Agency in a rapid, easy, and convenient way.

SRDV white label travel solution helps the best Online Travel Agencies to make their own brand name Online travel Portal to boost their presence across the world. We make portals that meet the specific requirements of our clients. In Custom Travel Portal Development We provide a Multi-Currency payment system so the customer can easily book with their currencies.

Custom Development helps our clients with the design, build, and deliver complete portals that make the unique identity of our clients individually. SRDV Technologies provides solutions to Online Travel Agencies by offering technology-enabled Travel Portal Development which includes delivering Travel Portals at High performance, Affordable Rates, Easy Internet facilities, safe and secure, attractive and responsive design, and user-friendly interface to your Own Brand Online Travel Company. Travel Portal Development helps Travel Agencies to increase and enhance their revenue and customer service experience. The Travel Portal Development team should focus on the creation of your brand in an efficient and effective way. It should enable the excess of travel suppliers which includes all the Major GDS, LCC Operators, and a wide hotel inventory all over the world. You can easily deliver travel services to your customers with a quick and easy response by providing all the services from a single Online Travel Agency Software.

For Custom Travel Portal Development there is a need for Travel APIs and Travel API Integration. Travel API includes the major travel services like Flight or Air, Hotel, Bus, and Car. SRDV Technologies provides a pre-integrated API platform in which all the Major services are integrated into a single platform. This helps customers or travel agents to book flights, hotels, Cars, and many more from a single Online Travel Portal. In Flight Booking, the customer or agent can search the flight, check the arrival and departure times and dates, fare rules, number of stops, etc., and accordingly they can book the flight tickets and generate a ticket or PNR. User can also check the previous booking history, and download tickets from their Dashboard. User can also send partial or full cancellation requests from their dashboard on real real-time basis. There should be an email or SMS notification facility to the Customer or agent in Travel Portal Development. Users can get the notifications of the Flight Bookings and the Cancellation Requests on the Email ID and the SMS. 

In Hotel Booking, the customer or agent can search for the hotel from the search form by filling in all the required details. After entering the location, check-in and check-out dates, and hotel category, the hotel results are displayed accordingly. An online travel portal provides a facility to filter the results according to their requirements they can filter the hotels through Star Ratings, Hotel Names, Hotel Prices, and many more. After selecting the hotel, they can select the Room and then make a reservation through the portal. Online Travel Agency provides a facility to download the Hotel Voucher and make cancellations through their dashboard. On the Hotel Voucher, the complete booking details should be mentioned like hotel name, hotel address, check-in, check-out dates, guest details, commercials, etc. Customers or Agents can get the notifications of the Hotel Booking and the Cancellation Requests on the Email ID and SMS. The best Travel Portal Development provides a platform where any customer can book the Hotel World Wide. In Hotel Booking, customers can book 3 Star, 4 Star, or 5 Star Hotels. 

An Online Travel Agency is incomplete without having Bus Booking and Car Booking Services. In Bus Booking, customers can search bus by entering the Departure and Destinations. Users will get the results of available bus operators for this segment. After selecting the bus operator he/she can view the seat map and can do a Bus Booking. In Bus Booking, customers can book the Bus Seat or Cancel the Bus Booking. An Online Travel Portal development provides multiple seat selection and booking facilities to their users. In-Car Booking platform, an enterpriser or user can book the Car in real-time. 


  • Global Presence
  • Online Booking Facility
  • No Market Dues
  • Wide Inventory 
  • Increase Revenue
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • 24/7 Booking
  • Very little Running Cost
  • Brand Making
  • No manual Work So Less Staff Required

In summary, Online Travel Portal Development is instrumental in starting and running a successful Online Travel Agency. It not only provides a platform for booking and managing travel services but also enhances customer engagement, improves efficiency, and helps you stay competitive in the ever-evolving travel industry.

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