10 Major Features of Online Travel Agency

Travel is the most enjoyable and happy moment for any person. There are so many people who spend a lot of money on traveling. So day by day, the travel and tourism industry business is growing. if you are looking to invest in the travel industry, then an Online Travel Portal Development is the best option to invest. For developing an Online Travel Portal you have to find the best Technology Partner for your travel portal which makes your dreams come true, who will develop a best-featured packed online travel portal for you.

  Top 10 Features That Must Be On Your Online Travel Portal

  • Advanced Search Filters: Search filtering is useful as there are different parameters involved in traveling which makes more confusion into the head of a visitor or traveler. 
  • Easy Booking Process: Easier the Booking Process makes visitors and travelers visit again and again for booking the tickets.
  • Responsive And Dynamic Design: The design of a website is one of the first things noticed by visitors and travelers. The more responsive and dynamic designs of your website, the more it attracts visitors.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence analyses, and learns from previous searches made by the customer and uses that knowledge to make similar and best suggestions on everything like the best flights, hotels, car rental services, and even destinations for their next trip.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management system makes help for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, and Bookings. It also used in many industries to create a work order, bill of bookings, and other customer-related documents.
  • Multiple Language And Currency: There should be multiple languages and currency on your online portal which makes it more reliable for every visitor or traveler.
  • Predictive Search: Predictive search is nothing but a drop-down list that pops up immediately while you’re typing so that you don’t have to hit ‘search’ to find out common results. This is an excellent way to avoid displaying a large list of results, finding results quickly.
  • Customer Feedback And Reviews: Reviews option is the key feature of any online portal that must be there. More the higher the stars review is there more the visitors have trust in you.
  • Royalty And Referral Reward: This is the best feature to promote your online portal by giving reward points to the happy customers of your agency and a referral reward program will help to find some new customers.
  • Gallery: We live in a visual world where images are the most better way to inspire and communicates. These make a strong statement and will have a strong impact on your website. Also, people make more interaction on social networking sites that have plenty and incredible images.