Major Features of a Perfect Mobile Application

In Today’s Technology era everyone is connected to each other through the internet using their smartphones, Tablets and PCs or Laptops. Today’s World majorly runs on apps. A well-designed UI of Application always attract the users while degradedly UI apps always make users frustrated. So if you know the basic things like the best colour combinations, layouts and all-together the UI of the app, then you just have to do what the users need and demand from your side.

Nowadays there are many frameworks that are used to build Mobile Applications like Native, React, Hybrid, Ionic etc. All frameworks have their own pros and cons but Native framework is premium for Mobile App development and provide flexibility.

Mobile Apps are very much trending for E- Commerce and Travel Business. In this COVID – 19 situation demand of E-Commerce Application Development is on the boom. There are so many renowned software development companies, those provide App development for Online Travel Agencies and E-commerce portals. But before choosing your Technology partner to ensure that they are providing all required features.  Travel Mobile Application consists Integration of Travel APIs like Flight API, Hotel API, Bus API, Car API etc.

  Features That Makes A Mobile Application Perfect

  • Performance:  Users are always concerned about the working speed of a Mobile Application. Therefore for Travel Booking's speed is the must-have feature without this your app could be skipped by the users.
  • Flexibility: A Mobile Application must be flexible, by which it could be usable on different-different OSs. Currently, Android Mobile Application and iOS Mobile Application are most in demand.
  • Security: Security is the main concern of any app which is connecting your app to the internet. With many applications storing personal and sensitive information or credit and debit card details, security is an absolute must. It is also important that the users know that robust security is in place.
  • Colour Selections: A perfect mobile application must have eye-catching and attraction capabilities colour combos. That can be as simple as giving them control over the colours. Or, it could be allowing users to apply their own choice of colour.
  • Reviews and Ratings: A perfect mobile application is not just by developing best, it should also perform well in user’s reviews and ratings. So always set a field for user review.
  • Regular Updates: Regular Updates make an app more reliable and the user gets attracted by the new UI. An app needs to be kept fresh and relevant. If a mobile app becomes stale, users may become bored and switch to any other modern application.
  • Good Image placement: Just putting images does not make it perfect, images must be positioned accurately which makes a mobile application rich in UI.
  • Customization: Customer satisfaction is the most valuable point that every provider should maintain carefully. A Technology-enabled Mobile Application with the best features and responsive design can attract your valuable consumers again and again.
  • Push Notifications: In mobile application push notifications make the usability of the application more relevant. Push notifications can be text, graphic, or a combination of both to send your users content that they may be interested in.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: A payment gateway makes your mobile application more reliable and usable because the users have multiple payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, net-banking, and wallets etc.
  • Cross-Platform: It is important to run an app on both iOS and Android OSs, which makes it more reliable and portable app. Cross-platform is the boost for any mobile application.
  • Regular Upgrades: In Mobile Application Development Once you receive reviews and feedback from users, you can sort out how to make your mobile app more reliable to your customers and give out updates occasionally. That means you are not stopping at the point with the best product but can respond to every minor to major issues as they occur while using the application. Updates keep your mobile application up to date and give the users more of what they want from.
  • 24*7 AI Support System: Users can easily chat with AI-based chatbots to assist. This reduces support staff costs and provides 24/7 support. And make your app users more flexible.