Difference between API Integration and White label solution

 APIs enable the interaction between the data, applications, and devices. It delivers data between devices and programs. API integration help to run easily the business and benefiting the customers. API enables access to services of the providers by adding codes to applications. It further enhances connectivity. APIs ensure seamless communication between mostly applications. But, it is so done by exposing a limited amount of a program’s internal functions. For example, an Application like SRDV Technologies is enabled by APIs to show the particular Flight, Hotel, Bus, and car details on their website. So, in other words, API integration eases businesses and benefits consumers.
  Features Of API Integration

  • Representation - API Integration could be Ready-made or customised. 
  • Value - It could be more expensive to integrate an API Comparison to the White Label Travel Portal.
  • Requirement - In most cases it has been required by the already well-maintained business partners who work in the travel field for 2-3 years to get some hike in their business.
  • Time Taken - It takes more time, comparison to White Label Travel Portal usually takes 5-10 days.
  • Resources - All the resources are provided to be integrated into the portal. The ownership of all the resources belongs to terms and conditions.
  • Development - Additional features also to be given to the consumers according to their requirements.


White Label Travel Portal is the ready-made travel portal that is used to make bookings and managing the tickets etc for Flights, Hotels, Bus, Car, and tour packages. Usually, it is Product with no brand logo and brand name consumers can decide their own logo, name, domain, and payment gateway according to their choice. It is easy to gain access to white label services on your website. These websites can easily modify as per your need. You can add or remove any of the white label services. White label means there is no label and you can place your own label there. If you have a very good technical team and your vision is big along with your budget you should choose API integration. If you don't have much-investing strength and not able to handle a lot of technical issues of software/server/API, then you should prefer with White Label Travel Portal.

  Features Of White Label Travel Portal

  • Representation - It is a totally ready-made portal customer has to be a brand logo, brand name, custom B2C Home page design with websites domains according to their choices.
  • Value - It cost very less compared to the API Integration
  • Requirement - It is ideal for travel startups and those who just want to start their business online.
  • Time Taken - It takes less time, usually takes around 2-4 days according to the requirements of the customer.
  • Resources - All the resources like SMS integration, mail integration, social media log in, etc. are inbuilt and ready to use.
  • Development - Additional features like a discount, markup, convenience fee, agent, etc managements are also to be given to the users according to their demands.