Development cost of an Online E-Commerce Portal

Nowadays due to COVID – 19 guidelines of physical distancing, the need of E-commerce website has increased for retail stores. The development cost of an Online E-Commerce Portal can vary according to the need & choices. Basically, everything is related to your existing goals, If you want to start a small or simple E-Commerce site and target end user directly, then you can opt for Ready-Made E-Commerce Portal solutions. There are so many technology provider companies in Indian market those have very good and successful SAAS based system for E-commerce. Along with setup cost the annual maintenance cost for Ready-made E-commerce solution is also very less compare to custom development. To find a fixed price, you should need to be very specific and must have a sequential breakdown of website elements. You can come up with exact costing for E-Commerce Portal only after setting the goals and limits of every point of building an E-Commerce website.

  Online market place development charges also depend upon the below-mentioned modules

  Development cost while developing an Online E-Commerce Portal which determines the portal’s cost

  • UI/UX Design: Design is the most crucial part of the process of development of an E-Commerce Portal. In custom development, there is no limit to designing cost. It all depends on how you want the UI to be.
  • Functionality:  Functionality of an E-Commerce portal can be defined in many ways and it is much more cost-effective in comparison to its design. More the functionalities you have in your E-Commerce portal more it costs for developing.
  • Device Compatibility: Platform dependency is the most dominant thing which makes the software portal more reliable. The more platforms you add to your cart, more cost increase proportionality.
  • Marketing: Marketing is also a must for giving a boost to your E-Commerce business. It can also be done through online or Offline mode of marketing while online marketing can affect the most on the growth of your business.
  • Maintenance: While maintenance is the most relevant thing after the software portal becomes live. Everything needs up-gradation, just like that E-commerce portal also needs time to time upgrades.
  • Fulfilment:  Fulfilment is the part of the process in this you have to complete all the promises you have made. And make the website live after completing all the commitments.

First, you will need to choose a name for your online store and register domain. A great technology partner such as SRDV Technologies typically includes hosting within the plan. No effort is required to install the hosting solution provided by SaaS E-commerce platforms. Everything is ready to use and you can start working on the store immediately. They even include an SSL certificate, which majorly decreases the security risk of any online E-Commerce Portal. The plans come with an economic limit on sale or simply allow their preferred payment gateway. The only efforts you have to do for an E-Commerce portal by choosing the Right Technology Partner.