Supplier or Vendor Inventory Management Software

Nowadays, there is a vast requirement of suppliers who can provide inventories for your online booking system. Vendor Inventory Management Software is available for Flight, Hotel, Bus, car, tour package etc. services.

Vendor Inventory Management includes the login platform in which Admin will add vendor and provide the vendor dashboard to the vendors or the suppliers and then the vendors can add their available service inventory with details like overview, inclusion, exclusion, images, fare details, availability etc. This added inventory of vendor will reflect the user. User can check availability and book reservations by making online payment and sharing details. User can also download or email the voucher to get complete information about booking. The vendor can check all Bookings, change the status of booking, assign to downline like driver etc. The vendor can also check cancellation or reschedule requests.

Admin can easily check the status of the Vendor’s Booking, can log in directly into the Vendor’s dashboard, can activate or deactivate the Vendors, and much more. By adding more and more vendors, you can offer vast inventory on the cheapest price to your customer. Generally, so many service providers do their work manually they get customer query then put it on hold to check with their supplier. Actually, this is an offline work in which you require a good number of calling staff. But Travel Technology makes it very easy. Now there is no need to cross confirmation with hotelier or transporter about their inventory because by using vendor login they can also update their availability and any booking received they will also get notified on this. By using vendor software you can reduce staff cost and increase customer reliability for your portal. 


In Hotel Service, the Hotel Suppliers can add their Hotel Inventories like Room Type, Room Amenity, Room availability, Room Images, Hotel Amenities, Hotel Rooms and much more. The same details will be displayed on the website and any customer visiting your portal can book the hotel and can generate the Hotel Voucher. Customers can send the cancellation request of the Hotel Booking and the same Hotel Booking and Cancellation requests will be displayed on the Admin Panel and as well as on Hotel Supplier System.

In Bus Service, a Bus supplier can add the Bus Details like a Bus seat, Bus Destinations and Sources, Bus Seat Availabilities, cancellation policy and much more. The same details will be displayed on the Website and any customer can book the Bus Seat according to their requirements.

Car Service, the Car supplier can add the Car Details like Car type, Car Images, car-fare, Fare summary, Driver details, Car Availability etc. As soon as Customer books a specific car, the availability of that particular car automatically changes to Booked, and now that specific car will not be visible for the booked dates to other customers. Car Vendors can add the Driver details also like Driver Name, Driver Number, or Driver Image. The same Car Details are displaying in the Admin Panel so that the admin can have all the Records.