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Hosting and security

Yes, we offer web hosting on our dedicated server with upgraded technology to secure your data in any sudden occurrences. We also have a dedicated system administrative team that ensures data back-ups and gives a complete support for any server or website issues.

Generally there is no down time of our system / server. However there might be pre informed planned down time for very short period due to maintenance activity.

Absolutely, We have a dedicated server for back up of data on a regular basis. 

We add a secure layer of HTTPS for encryption to maintain the security. To analyse the authenticity of the person or entity entering into the system, we have the system of tracking of IP address. We also do vulnerable audit testing and Manual Testing to prevent the potential crises even before they occur.

We sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our clients in order to maintain confidentiality of the data. For each organisation we work with has its own separate database which is secure, private and is backed up on a regular basis.