Hotel Extranet System - Online Inventory selling and availability management

SRDV Technologies provides a platform that is called Hotel Extranet Module or System, where a customer can book online as well as offline hotel inventory on a real-time basis. Hotel Extranet is an offline software where a hotel vendor can generate an Account as a supplier and can upload or manage hotel inventory. This added vendor inventory reflects on Online Travel Agency's platform.  
 An extranet is an application that allows travel agents to update and upload the partner’s hotels and provide them with access to the hotel reservation system or to Online Travel Agency. Through this medium, the partner can easily get details of their property like a hotel’s description and information. The details will also include the number of room availability, special deals, rates, location, amenities, and more. Vendors can add fares according to their requirements and can generate the customer’s Invoice. Online Travel Agency takes payment from customers through Payment gateway Integration. The vendor takes the payment from the travel Agency manually as per their contract.

  The Functions Of The Hotel Extranet System
  • Vendor Dashboard from where hoteliers and travel agents can upload their connected hotel and in turn, allow them to upload the complete inventory and manage it.
  • Inventory Management Hotel vendor can fully customize his/her Booking System with multiple policies for different rooms and seasons without any difficulty. This includes terms and conditions, cancellation policies, inclusions, exclusions, fare details, related images, and amendment policies, etc.
  • Profile Management Through the extranet service, hoteliers can load room types and rates. Not only that they can also have control over the content and the profile.
  • Staff Module To allow hotel staff logs in into the Extranet of the hotel sales website to enter their rates, availability, images, etc. (so-called ´back end´). The client can then see all the information from the ´front end´ or Hotel Booking System of the hotel website.
  • Real-Time Availability - As per the availability of rooms has been changed, the cost will also change. Hotel rooms cost will Increase or reduce the cost day by day or a period of time, and occasions totally depend upon the availability of rooms.
  • Flexibility - Hoteliers can easily add offers according to their choice and need, In the form of coupons or discount percentages.
  • Bulk Booking Module - Hotelier can also add details or inventories for bulk bookings. This is an advanced feature used by corporates or travel agents.
  • Vast Hotel Inventory - By using Hotel Extranet Software a good number of hoteliers or Hotel vendors will connect and avail their inventory to sell. Due to this real-time availability and access customers can choose hotels as per their preferences.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Customer can easily check all vendors avail options and choose cheap and best for him this build Customer loyalty and real-time inventory management to provide seamless reservation. The system shows the room condition, price, promotions, availability, etc on the calendar on a room basis. The same can be edited in a very user-friendly and flexible way.
  • More Details - Category based room definition like deluxe/standard/suite, etc., room facilities, inclusions, images, child policies, extra guests allowed (yes/No), and occupancy helps the vendor to share more and more details.
  Why Choose SRDV?
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